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Honoring Earth, Sky, and everything in between.

Join us for a magical 3 day gathering at the Heart Expansion land in Duvall, WA as we journey from the realms below to the realms above, bridged by our bodies.

Across many different cultures you can find depictions of human beings bridging earth and sky - the three celebrations in Chinese medicine, the Axis Mundi or the cosmic axis, the Ashera pole in Judaism, and many more. We are primal, animal beings and we are divine, sacred beings. As our souls evolve, we may grow closer to our divine nature, yet we will always fall short of perfection - this is what makes us human.

In this 3 day gathering, we will honor and experience all of these aspects of ourselves - our animal nature, our human nature, and our divine nature - in their fullness.

🌎 Beginning with the Earth, our first day together will weave Earth skills, song circles, acoustic music, and primal connection.

👤 Moving to the bridge of the body, we will invite in embodiment, grief work, cacao, relational healing, and pleasure.

🌠 Ascending to the sky, our final day together will involve breathwork, angelic ascension, meditation, and more.

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